As our founder Paul Ralfs believed, no one should go through this journey alone. The BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation has many materials that can be used to assist you in your journey.

A Parent’s Guide to the Learning Disabilities Associated with Neurofibromatosis Type 1

This guide is designed as a resource for parents of school aged children. Whether your child is entering kindergarten, or is into his/her high school years, you and your child’s teacher will find relevant material to address his/her educational needs.

Power Up! Apps for Kids with Special Needs and Learning Differences

A curated collection of apps, arranged by challenge area and difficulty level.

Real Stories

CircleImg-200px-KidsNF affects everyone differently and each person’s experience is unique. Whether you have NF, or are a family member or a friend of someone with NF your experiences may be similar to someone else and it can be very helpful to read the accounts of how others have dealt with this disease. These are stories from real people. By reading these stories, we hope that you will be inspired and encourage by these courageous individuals who each face NF in their own way.

Useful Links

Self Management BC

Self management programs give people the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to successfully manage chronic health conditions.

Learning Disabilities & Education

Individual Education Plans: A Guide for Parents
Know Your Rights: GUARDIAN EDITION A Handbook for Parents/Guardians of Children with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder
Know Your Rights: STUDENT EDITION Facts for Students with Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorder
Learning Disabilities Association of BC

LDABC’s mandate is to be the Provincial network and voice for persons with Learning Disabilities (LD) and those who support them. The association provides information and resources to ensure the full participation of children, youth and adults with LD in today’s society.

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

NF2 Resources

Advocure- Advocates for NF2
Support for Neurofibromatosis Type 2